Our Clients. Our Family.
  1. Katelynn A.
    "Hit the 15lb down mark! 5% body fat down, 2 % increase in muscle mass! Thanks for the motivation Ray"
  2. Deb R.
    "With Ray's encouragement, and his belief in me, I was able to exercises I didn't think I could possibly do. I not only could do them, but I exceeded my own expectations. I had a true sense of pride and accomplishment."
  3. Lisa C.
    "Overdose Fitness provides the support, training and encouragement you need to achieve your results! For me it's not about the numbers.. It's about feeling good and having confidence!... Since starting with Overdose Fitness, my confidence soars and I walk around feeling good and having confidence!
  4. Barb C.
    "I feel better than I have felt in 40 years. Thank you Ray"
  5. Elizabeth B.
    "I enjoyed the free session so much that I signed up for 24 sessions with him" " I have 100% committed to my workouts and eating habits and proud to say that Ray has helped me lose 10 lbs in a week"
  6. Kischa A.
    "My cardio endurance had significantly improved. I went from being able to run two miles to running three and four on my own" I would recommend Overdose Fitness to anyone who is looking to better themselbes. They make personalized workouts based on your goals, needs and/or any prior injuries."
  7. Susanne C.
    "He is working around my busy work/nursing school schedule! Definitely would recommend to all my friends. I have been training my body since the beginning of this year, after hitting a plateau I knew I needed more help with my workouts and I started using the Overdose Fitness Trainerize app and a workout regime that Ray personalized for me. I thought I was doing hard workouts before, but the way he groups core muscles groups together to get the best out of each workout really shows what I've been missing. Only the second week and I can feel myself getting stronger...